Thursday, October 14, 2010


We offer a LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY as a DIRECT BUSINESS ASSOCIATE (DBA) to the achievers in the field of Pharma selling, for those who have the fire in their bellies and dreams in their minds. We are looking for self motivated, result oriented guys who have the subject knowledge, contacts in the right places and who feel they can do better if given a FREE HAND. We give you an opportunity to be your OWN BOSS in your territory, no work pressure, no politics only results and rewards. We invite you to be a part of one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies as its area-wise franchisee. We give you a beautiful range of wide variety of products to give you HIGHER INCOME, unbelievable margins and a stable healthy work environment for SUSTAINED GROWTH and profits, you can realise your dreams within 1 year i.e a car, your own house, etc. and more importantly BETTER LIVING for you and your family

We appoint Area-wise franchisees not district wise, an area of 3-5 DHQ (District Head Quarters) is assigned to one franchisee, where he has the space to grow and flourish without any disturbance. Even if you start one or two DHQ’s of your territory we keep the cushion areas vacant for the sake of your interest and stability. We have never cancelled appointment of any franchisee till date, reason is simple because all our franchises are able to meet the sales targets, in case of any difficulty we support them to achieve the targets and build their confidence rather than seeking an alternative. Unlike the vicious atmosphere in the cut-throat business world our approach is to support, nurture, to grow and let every body grow and flourish. The other benefit of our policy is there is almost ZERO territory violation which creates atmosphere for a long term and STABLE occupation.
The DBA works ethically in the market, he purchases at net rates but sells only at stockist rates, except in case of direct supply to renowned hospitals.
The DBA shall work strictly in his appointed territory. The DBA works exclusively for the company and does not work/deal for any other company with similar products, he may however be engaged in any other fulltime/part-time profession or business. All goods are purchased against cash payment from the company or appointed Distributors. All the promotional materials, samples & gifts are also distributed through our sales & marketing office in Delhi or through our Distributors coordinated by RM’s . The entire Franchisee operations are supervised by company appointed Regional Managers who coordinate between the DBA’s, Distributor & the company for all matters. The role of R.M. is elaborated down under.

You should be having minimum 3-5 years of rich Pharma selling/buying/prescribing experience in a concentrated area, with a successful sales track record. You should have contacts in the shape of some good practicing doctors who are ready to give you their unflinching support and lastly you should have a minimum investment of 0 lacs to start with as a (DBA). The higher the investment sooner & higher will be the returns. The ideal investment for a healthy working is Rs. 1.50- 2.00 lacs to cover an AHQ effectively and generate an income of Rs 1.0 lacs within 3-6 months.

We expect a minimum sale of Rs. 0.50 lacs from all our franchisees from an area of 2-3 DHQ’s, in broader terms one franchisee means Rs. 1.0 lacs sales which in turn means Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 0.45 earning for our franchisee.

We have aggressive plans to increase our market penetration by adding new divisions like cardio, anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensive with some life style products which will be launched in a unique style to capture some of the most growing areas of the trade which are totally unexplored by us now. All these and some more products which are in the pipeline would be offered to our franchisees supplementing their incomes manifolds.

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